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Welcome to your 6 Day Retreat

Our most popular retreat is the 6 day program. Your 6 day program will include beautiful accommodation in a tranquil setting, daytime activities to improve health & wellbeing, the chance to meet likeminded people and, of course, a fast of your choice.

Buchinger / Water Fast

The Buchinger fast is based on methods by Dr. Buchinger and aims to reboot your system and strengthen immunity. The fast restricts calorie intake to approximately 250 per day and consists of liquids only.

A fresh green juice is served for breakfast to ensure you get nutrition for quick energy to support you in the day. Vegetable broth will be served for dinner to provide your body with minerals and warmth in the evening. To keep hydrated, herbal teas and water are available throughout the day.

Juice Fast

The Juice Fast is aimed to provide essential nutrients and anitoxidants for your body to reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system.  This is also an effective form of weight-loss.

The fast consists of 3 fresh organic vegetable-based green juices during the day and a mineral-rich vegetable broth in the evening. To keep hydrated, herbal teas and water are available throughout the day.

Intermittent Fast

The Intermittent Fast is a great option if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of not eating. Detoxification still occurs on the diet but it is gentler on the body.  The morning there is a vegetable juice and a vegetable plate for lunch.  The evening meal is a vegetable bouillon.

This type of diet helps provide the digestive system with good bacteria as it is high in vitamins, mineral and fiber and has no toxins.

The 6 day retreat starts on Saturday afternoon and ends Friday lunchtime.

What’s included in the package:Shared deluxe suites (accommodation)

  • All juices, teas, broths and foods (including celebratory lunch!)
  • Fasting Preparation Guide
  • Expert support from your host
  • Daily guided hikes, exercise, 3 x yoga, workshops
  • Use of private sauna & pool
  • Culinary workshop


BUCHINGER WATER FAST: €995 shared room / €1250 private room 
JUICE FAST: €1050 shared room / €1300 private room
INTERMITTENT FAST: €1050 shared room / €1300 private room

A Typical Day

8:30 Wake up warm lemon water and Morning juice
9:00 – 9:30 Morning stretch

9:30  Morning juice
10:00 – 12:30 Morning hike
12:30 – 16:30 Free time – book a massage, sauna, reading, relaxing by pool
16:30 – 17:30 Yoga class
18:00 Vegetable broth
18:30 – 19:30 Evening talk
19:30 Free time – movie, reading, or early to bed!

Fasting & Hiking

Fasting is a great way to start your health regime when managed properly – which we’ll help you with. Our fasting detoxes will leave you feeling rejuvenated and rebalanced to start afresh. Our retreat is much more than just fasting though.

We’ll be going on local walks by the beautiful Mediterranean sea and nearby countryside. Not only are the hikes great for you physically, but they’re a chance to reconnect with nature, boost your morale and practice peaceful mindful living.

Yoga & Mindfulness

We aim to start everyday with a positve state of mind by hosting short morning mindful sessions and gentle stretches to wake you up physically and mentally.

During the week you’ll have an array of exercises classes, including yoga and pilates, to help your body and mind flow peacefully to leave you feeling de-stressed and achieve a greater sense of relaxation, and help to detox your mind. Our classes are gentle, cater to all levels, are optional and change daily to keep your routine fresh.

Relaxation & Socialising

The key to achieving inner peace is through relaxation. The program sets aside plenty of time for this.  Whether you’d like a swim in the pool, to read a book in the sun or indulge in a massage, we’ve got something for everyone.

Whether you’re alone or in a group, this is a great time for socialising with like-minded people.  Fasting in a group can be a great morale booster, but we also welcome those who wish to spend time alone to regenerate.

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Relax, Rejuvenate, Rebalance.