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Types of Fasts

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What type of fasting is best for me?

Like our bodies, our goals are all different and you can choose the fast which best meets your needs. The beautiful thing is the common outcome of all of our fasts is that they leave you feeling revitalised and rebalanced.

Buchinger / Water Fast

The Buchinger fast is based on methods by Dr. Buchinger and aims to reboot your system and strengthen immunity. The fast restricts calorie intake to approximately 250 per day and consists of liquids only.

A fresh green juice is served for breakfast to ensure you get nutrition for quick energy to support you in the day. Vegetable broth will be served for dinner to provide your body with minerals and warmth in the evening. To keep hydrated, herbal teas and water are available throughout the day.

Juice Fast

The Juice Fast is aimed to provide essential nutrients and anitoxidants for your body to reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system.  This is also an effective form of weight-loss.

The fast consists of 3 fresh organic vegetable-based green juices during the day and a mineral-rich vegetable broth in the evening. To keep hydrated, herbal teas and water are available throughout the day.

Intermittent Fast

The Intermittent Fast is a great option if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of not eating. Detoxification still occurs on the diet but it is gentler on the body.  The morning there is a vegetable juice and a vegetable plate for lunch.  The evening meal is a vegetable bouillon.

This type of diet helps provide the digestive system with good bacteria as it is high in vitamins, mineral and fiber and has no toxins.

How do you prepare for a fast?

The key to make your fasting week go smoother is to properly prepare. We’ll send you a Fasting Preparation Guide upon booking to help with this. To reduce the likelihood of detox symptoms, you should be prepared to gradually reduce your food intake the week before, cutting back on meat, dairy, refined foods and stimulants.

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