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Relax, Rejuvenate, Rebalance

A Retreat for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Located in tranquil surroundings in the South of France, our retreat is the perfect place to reset. Our unique combination of tailored wellness and fasting programs, outdoor walks, yoga and relaxing you time, will create a new, improved, healthier you.

Join us to reboot, rejuvenate, refresh and befriend like-minded people.

Weekend Retreat

6 Day Retreat

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More than just fasting…

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Whether you choose intermittent fasting, juice fasting or water fasting the results are profound and can be life changing. It’s the perfect way to reset and rejuvenate your body.  Azur Wellness is a welcoming retreat where you will safely detox, revitalise and make friends.

Fasting for a new you

Covid: We’ve taken extra care during these times to ensure our retreat is as safe as possible for our visitors. We’re happy to discuss this to alleviate any concerns you may have.  A relaxed you is a healthy you.

Get in touch and see if we are what you need right now.

The best retreat for health & wellness

What Visitors Say

“I never knew how good fasting would make me feel, or how easy it would be.  I feel amazing!!  Thank you Christine.”

“A wonderful villa, in a beautiful little town. This wasn’t my first time fasting, but it was a special experience.  It is truly a sanctuary of contemplative calm!  I really feel cleansed and well rested.”

“Many thanks for a superb winter detox weekend which we thoroughly enjoyed.  You are very talented and great at what you do.  It felt like such a treat!”

“I feel rejuvenated.  A wonderful villa, compassionate and inspiring hostess and I have never felt so well cared for in a long time. Exactly what I needed to boost my spirit and turn the switch towards better health.”

“Azur Wellness offers an antidote of peace and calm to the busy and often hectic lives we lead.  Whether it’s lounging by the pool, cleansing your body and mind in the sauna, indulging in a bit of mellow yoga or low impact water aerobics, there is something for everyone here.  The whole experience made me realize that I want to come back for more!”

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Relax, Rejuvenate, Rebalance.

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